152 Macquarie St

It is often the case that to achieve something that is perceived as simple it requires the utmost amount of thought and planning. In lighting, we all too often see decorative fixtures considered in terms of their physical presence only, reducing luminaires to mere objects that form part of the overall interior design. However, this is only a small part of the equation, for when illuminated, the distribution of any decorative light fixture becomes the make or break in how that environment will be perceived. When care is taken to consider both the form and function of a luminaire, eye-catching results can be achieved. This is certainly the case with the foyer of 152 Macquarie St, Hobart.

Yes, in its unlit state, the simple ‘pick-up-sticks’ nature of the pendant works well with the clean, linear nature of the interior. However, it is when illuminated that the beauty of the space starts to sing. The upward, soft distribution, not only removes any glare from those entering the building, but it helps to enhance the overall feeling of volume in an otherwise limited space. Then, as evening falls, this diffused light starts to escape the confines of its built environment, bleeding through the glass bricks that help illuminate the interior by day, to present a beautiful glowing structure to the outside world. The effect is quite striking, and a great example of a decorative luminaire extending itself far beyond its mere simple form.

Architect Rosevear Architects (Rosevear Stephenson Architects)