Southern Lighting & Distribution is a Tasmanian business supplying commercial lighting product to the local building sector. Representing the exclusive interests of Australia’s leading lighting manufacturers and importers, we deal primarily through professionals within the specification chain as well as end users of quality lighting hardware.

The office, based in Hobart, houses 6 staff and a warehouse for managing stock and orders in progress. With over 75 years of combined lighting experience, our strength lies in our industry knowledge and relationships, along with our ability to deliver on service.

Southern Lighting & Distribution represent many of the world’s leading lighting brands, placing us at the forefront of lighting technology, design and manufacturing. Many of these brands have a strong manufacture and assembly base here in Australia, enabling us to deliver specialised solutions to the local market.

Our external sales team draw on these long standing relationships to provide advice, education and lighting design support to professionals within the local industry. Our internal sales support directly communicates with all areas of building sector to ensuring the highest level of project delivery; from managing delivery schedules and budget issues, to providing installation support and after sales service.

With a focus on providing considered, quality solutions in a professional manner, we strive to deliver on the key criteria of luminaire life, maintenance requirements, energy efficiency and lighting performance. Our aim- to provide lighting solutions that best serve the needs of our clients, whilst enhancing occupant satisfaction within the built environment, today and long into the future.

Stuart Hamilton
Director, Southern Lighting & Distribution

The Team