Cat & Fiddle Arcade

Cat & Fiddle Arcade is a place steeped in history for the people of Hobart. It is one of the city’s oldest streets, pre-dating the current layouts devised in 1811. It was originally known as Cat and Fiddle Alley, after a pub that sat on the strip. ‘The Alley’ followed the rivulet; hence the curves and undulations, of which many can still be seen today.

The latest reincarnation sees the beloved Cat & Fiddle enter the new millennium with one of the original pioneering LED technologies employed in the re-lighting of its walkways. Fagerhult G3 downlights have been installed to help illuminate the walkways and provide for an adequate transition from the outdoor mall to the covered causeway. Within these downlights we can find Philips Fortimo DLM modules, incorporating remote phosphor technology, ensuring the colour consistency of the space long into the future. Completed in 2013, when many were still experiencing a sharp learning curve with LED, this project is a testament to what quality LED can deliver.

Electrical Engineer ECOS
Project Management BYA Architects