Glenorchy CBD Upgrade

Glenorchy City Council, situated in the northern suburbs of greater Hobart, sought to upgrade lighting to their main shopping precinct. With the primary objective of the revitalisation project being to enhance human comfort, the upgrade from old High pressure Sodium technology to LED provided some great gains in terms of the improved colour quality of the space and the flow on effects this has in terms of safety perception. It is also a far better environmental outcome, beyond the simple energy savings that were achieved. The decision to steer clear of utilitarian lighting, that responds only to crime and safety, and instead try and create a more visually interesting environment are paying dividends to the city of Glenorchy.

While many European cities have made the transition towards warmer colour temperatures, in Australia, 2,700 K has, so far, been predominantly used in less urban settings. As such, the delivery of this beautiful Tasmanian project represents a great milestone as the first ‘High Precinct Main Street’ in Australia to move to a 2700 K Dark Sky Sensitive Design. At the same time, it is also a first for Tasmania for delivering an ADSA Approved Lighting.

Marnie Ogg, Founding Director, Australasian Dark Sky Alliance (ADSA), commended Glenorchy City Council’s commitment to people and place and leading local government support in combatting light pollution (the fastest growing pollutant) stating;
 “Glenorchy Council’s commitment to reduce light pollution and improve the environment with the Main Road Glenorchy project is exemplary. In choosing a warmer 2700K colour temperature light source, a luminaire mounting position with no upcast, and inclusion of adaptive controls results in a main street with reduced sky glow, improved well-being for people and wildlife, and reduces overall energy consumption.”

The real economic benefit will be measured in time with expected benefits to Glenorchy’s night time economy. The overall feel of the precinct has been greatly enhanced from what was once a troubled area after dark. The new street lighting is providing a background of good uniformity and colour quality that allow for high visual acuity in the space. At the same time, individual spaces have been created to promote inclusivity and assembly areas that feel more intimate. The end result is this is now a space that you want to be in after dark rather an avoid.