Hobart CBD Upgrade

In 2013 Hobart City Council announced a tender that would see the CBD’s street lighting revilatised.

The brief would be to upgrade the luminaires from Sodium Vapour to LED fittings in a bid to reduce energy and maintenance costs, adhere to a new V1 category, utilise existing poles, whilst also maintaining a heritage aesthetic that paid homage to the one of the oldest cities in Australia.

A great deal of work was dedicated to ensure the new design complied to the tender requests as well as the Australian standards. Maintaining adequate light distribution from new luminaires on existing poles and established spacing, certainly posed challenges. These challenges were resolved by the intelligent and, at its time, one of a kind WE-EF lens configurations.

A combination of WE-EF lenses were coined to provide the perfect distribution of light on Hobart’s streets.

It would be the ASP530 that Southern Lighting would elect to fit the brief and resolve Hobart City Council’s tender requests. Not only does the ASP530 provide ultimate control of light distribution, it sports a timeless heritage aesthetic that blends superbly within the CBD. These attributes, paired with WE-EF’s standard high performing assets such as the 5CE+ Primer and IP66 rating meant that the luminaires would have ultimate protection against corrosion from nearby salt water, as well as high pressure cleaning and general impacts of CBD living.

The result of this high caliber, fast paced project was a new lighting design that achieved lower energy and maintenance costs, whilst actually providing more illuminance to Hobarts CBD than previously. The WE-EF luminaires and optics provide an accomplished level of visual comfort and safety for the people of Hobart.

Client- Hobart City Council

Photographer- Jackie chan