Icon Complex, Hobart

The Icon Complex was born following the destruction of Myer Hobart in 2007. It would provide Murray Street access to Myer, as well as a contemporary, compelling foundational thoroughfare to house multiple high end retail boutiques. A solution was imagined to create a dynamic and discreet lighting design that would shed much needed light throughout the multi-story escalator zones, creating a consistent level of light to all levels and to create a cohesive design between ground floor and underground. All the while, highlighting the unique, angular architecture.


The challenge, to find a fitting that could provide continuous and consistent light output across the array of different angles, bends and heights that intersected across the escalator zone. Glare control would also be a key consideration due to the angle of application allowing direct views to the light source.


We called upon the expertise of Xero Linear Lighting to ensure that every part of the fitting had a consistent, even glow of visually comfortable light. The use of Xero’s LED technology meant that we could ultimately shape the luminaires to the journey through the multitude of vertical and perpendicular angles of the architecture.

The outcome was a visually interesting collaboration of architecture and light that creates a harnessing juxtaposition of crisp, new world architecture in the wake of a timeless, heritage façade.

Design: Peddle Thorp Architects & Architects Designhaus

Lighting Design: JMG Engineers and planners

Photography- Natlie Mendham