Moonah Arts Centre

Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) is a flexible multi – arts resource with three main uses; exhibition, performance and making. The architecture by Morrison and Breytenbach surprises with innovation and flexibility, forming spaces designed to open and shut on each other, creating everything from small, intimate spaces through to larger, social gathering areas. The lighting too offers flexibility, from functional task applications through to warmer, intimate tones. The lighting helps connect the zones, maintaining a correlation with strong visual links between the smaller activity spaces into the galleries or performance areas, and between the exterior and interior.

The exterior showcases the architecture with funk and brings the outside in (or is that the inside out) with large sliding glass doors that open to magnify the space. This courtyard area is cleverly lit with catenary wires and festoon lighting that further enhances the feel of creativeness that lives within the architecture. MAC is a great example of a highly considered lighting solution fitting beautifully within an ever changing environment – functional, flexible and creative.

Architect Morrison and Breytenbach
Electrical EngineerĀ Engineering Solutions Tasmania
Client City of Glenorchy
Photography Adam Gibson