My State Bank Arena

This fast-paced recreation of a landmark arena, as well as the new home of the NBL Tasmanian Jack Jumpers, involved significant specialised upgrades to exterior and interior lighting throughout the project. A multitude of lighting solutions where necessary to capture the needs of the multi-use arena such as wayfinding, hospitality, outdoor, sports lighting and broadcasting all the while paying homage to the architecture and Tasmania in general.

Of course, we employed the use of sports lighting magnate Phillips to carry out the highly specialised court illumination. This was a considerable undertaking as the Arena employed Australia’s first ever application of the new FIBA broadcasting standards. Extensive technical input and onsite commissioning took place to ensure a picture-perfect court.

Throughout the entrance, common areas and hospitality zones a collaboration of ELS, XERO & Unios implemented a warm and inviting atmosphere, that was also uniquely Tasmanian. The architects chose to feature Tasmania timber throughout the project requiring the lighting to become an integral aspect, having to emphasise the natural qualities of the material.

Local manufacturing also played a big role in the products specified for this project. Local support, customisation, and of course lead time requirements, became an overwhelming priority, not only at the specifiers request, but also due to the project taking place in the heart of a Pandemic.

The end outcome, a brickolage of dedicated concepts throughout the Arena that work collectively for the architecture and end user.

Architect- Phillip Lighton Architects

Engineer- JMG Engineers & Planners

Photography- Alice Bennett Photography