Quadrant Mall, Launceston

A Launceston City Council initiative; Heart Project, saw the biggest project of its kind undertaken by Council. Its Vision, to boost central Launceston by enhancing the towns lifestyle hub and breathe new life into the public spaces around the city. Promoting increased activity, ease of direction and safety within what is known as Australia’s most livable regional city.

The first project off the rank was the Quadrant Mall which underwent a major revitalisation. In a theme of firsts, the Quadrant Mall also saw the first project in Australia to adopt WE-EF’S CFT540 post top fitting. The CFT540 paired with the unique R Beam optic provided the perfect combination of distribution and well lit, low glare verticals throughout the mall, enhancing perception of safety and confidence to pedestrians.

The side lanes of the mall took use of WE-EF’s RMC320, R65 beam optic in conjunction with motion control sensors built into the luminaire, saving energy, minimising light pollution and extending the overall lifetime of the luminaire.

The bustling Quadrant mall is an evening destination for outdoor dining and beloved thoroughfare of Launceston.

Design: Engineering Solutions Tasmania

Client: Launceston City Council