The Point Revolving Restaurant

Atop the tallest building in Tasmania on the banks of the River Derwent, The Point Revolving Restaurant is the only revolving restaurant in the state. This truly unique space was originally established in 1973 and it was The Buchan Group who were charged with the task of modernising one of Tasmania’s finest dining experiences whilst not detracting from what makes it so special- those views!

So, how do you light a restaurant where the people and furniture are constantly in motion? The answer for Wood and Grieve Engineers Specialist Lighting was a two part solution. Any direct light would put diners in and out of shadows so an ambient, indirect solution was employed. LED strip lighting experts Coolon were called upon to provide a solution that could deal with the curvature of the room whilst providing the uniformity and output required from what was a small, existing cove. This removed all the shadowing issues but does leave a space feeling flat and two- dimensional. The clever solution was to supplement the lighting with individual table lamps that were rechargeable and therefore dealt with the issue of not being able to get power to the tables. This provides the necessary sparkle to the patrons faces and all added up to what is a relaxed and intimate feel, where diners are able to enjoy their meals, their fellow company and off course, those magical views.

As an interesting note, there is a cabinet at the entry that contains the original napkin rings engraved with the names of some of the first diners from when the restaurant originally opened in 1973- classy.

Lighting Design    Wood and Grieve Engineers Specialist Lighting
Architect                The Buchan Group
Images                   Natalie Mendham