University of Tasmania Centenary Building

The challenges presented when upgrading the lecture theatres in the Centenary Building at the University of Tasmania’s Sandy Bay campus where many. The desk orientations presented uniformity difficulties, video projection and recording required flicker free dimming, light levels had to be achieved across a varying ceiling height and it had to fit within the architectural vision of the space.

Thankfully, we still have manufactures left in Australia who are willing to adapt and resolve the complications associated with specialised lighting solutions. In this case Klik Systems offered the designers all the versatility required to fulfil the design requirements. They were able to vary the outputs across the individual linear runs, optimise the dimming method and even ensure the perfect luminous opening to help meet glare requirements for the space. A custom made solution, which sits perfectly within the architecture, and performs as it should to the various functions of a multi-purpose lecture theatre.

Architecture ARINA Hayball
Electrical Engineering Andrew Sutherland Consulting Engineers