University Rose Gardens

The grounds of Tasmania’s first University Campus are a wonderful place to visit during the day and, well, literally stop and smell the roses. Thanks to a well thought out lighting upgrade it’s now also a wonderful destination by evening as well. In an era of energy efficiency at all cost, the designers resisted the temptation to over stretch the pole spacings, instead opting for a more human approach.

The pole lighting selected for the pathways utilises WE-EF’s S60 LED lens technology in a very inviting and human friendly, 3000 kelvin colour temperature. This lens is specifically designed to provide soft bleed light beyond the pathway and into the surrounds of the park so that the whole of the space may be viewed and enjoyed. This is an effect not unlike traditional metal halide fixtures once provided, though unfortunately something all too often forgotten in today’s era of LED. The other important feature is the lens limits the light distribution for high viewing angles which means the glare normally associated with LED simply isn’t present. This enables the eye to take in the whole of the area at hand and not be blinded by a glare source on a pole. In essence, the solutions ensure what is enjoyed by day can also be enjoyed by night.

Electrical Engineering ECOS
Client City of Hobart