The new Vodafone contact centre in Hobart has been established as one of the most advanced contact centres in Australia. A flagship for the brand, the whole environment has been cleverly designed with the staff as the core focus.

The spaces were specifically designed to lift staff morale and to increase their involvement and engagement across the working day. In essence, they have created a space where people don’t just come to work because they have to, but rather because they want to. Built over 3 levels, it features a games area with ping pong tables, Xbox and Wii game consoles, basketball hoops and, instead of taking the stairs down to the next level, employees can jump down one of the spiral tube slides. The fit out also includes ‘energise’ zones and ‘chill out’ zones where workers can either refuel or relax.

With such a variety of spaces the lighting solution was never going to be a one size fits all approach. Fagerhult direct/ indirect suspended luminaires were positioned directly over the desks in the office areas providing task lighting as well as illuminating the transition spaces, forming not only a pleasant working environment but, through the reduction of unnecessary light fittings, a cost effective and efficient one as well. Feature pendants by Fagerhult, the Appareo, can also be found floating in the break-out spaces in conjunction with feature ceiling panels, helping enhance the sense of play within the environment. Other clever use of lighting includes Klik Systems continuous 65Beam to accentuate the linear lines of the ceiling above the stairs. All in all, a great example of how thoughtful lighting design can help achieve a client’s goals – in this instance the creation of a space where people want to come to work.

Architect BYA Architects
Lighting Engineer JMG Engineers & Planners