Warrane Green Belt

Warrane Green Belt was part of a broader re-lighting of pathways and car parks undertaken by the Clarence City Council. A fantastic example of one of LED’s often forgotten benefits, the final solution achieved standards compliance whilst using 40 per cent less poles and luminaires than competing designs. The reason: superior lens control. In simple terms, we were able to distribute the light to only where light was needed.

By incorporating WE-EF’s (S70) lens technology within the VFL540 post top fixture, the designer was able to significantly reduce infrastructure costs and ongoing maintenance costs, as well as reduce the waste light associated with similar HID solutions. This is clearly evident through the images that demonstrate a remarkable cut-off in the distribution of light behind the poles. Whilst this can sometimes be a negative of LED (don’t worry, we have lenses to deal with this too!) in this case it provided the perfect solution to achieve the main focus of the upgrade, efficiency.

The council can also feel confident in the solution going forward- WE-EF LED systems are guaranteed for 10 years against both LED and control gear failure.

Client Clarence City Council
Lighting Design WE-EF Lighting
Contractor BSH Electrical