Xsquared Architects Office Hobart

Xsquared is a leader in the field of sustainable architecture in Tasmania. It comes as no surprise then that, when it came time to relocate to a new office, Xsquared designed this to be a 6 Star Green Star rated fitout- the highest category available. This is more than just a world standard sustainable office though; the open layout promotes world’s best practice indoor environmental quality, making it a great collaborative working space. The mixture of workstation styles, sizes and locations was designed to suit the different ways of working for the different staff and the varied project tasks demands. The lighting had to compliment this idea, being able to adapt to individual needs whilst still meeting all the requirements of a 6 Star Green Star fitout.

For this reason, individual task lighting was used in combination with Organic response. Despite the continuous extrusion, Klik Systems 65Beam, looking like one long luminaire, the Organic Response enabled each task station to be individually controlled giving the greatest flexibility to the user. This also provided daylight harvesting and motion sensing to ensure the highest level of energy efficiency, whilst up light from the extrusion ensured the solution addressed the human requirements for quality lighting conditions.

We should also give a massive nod to Xsquared for the extremely high proportion of recycled materials employed in the fitout. Sourced from their previous office, the spaces existing fitout, and from demolition materials from other job sites; their passion to reduce waste should be an example to us all. For more information click here.

Architect Xsquared Architects